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Paint Brushes

My Muse

I am inspired by nature and all of God's creation. In my work, I am moved by the spirit. Sometimes I will sit back after a painting and can't believe that my hand is the one holding the brush. It's like it has a mind of its own. I am so grateful for my God given talents. 


Lake Time

This is a painting of my front yard in Ohio. One afternoon my husband, who is not an artist , and I sat on our patio and I was teaching him how to paint. Little did I know that this painting would be so special since we have moved to Colorado. Now our front yard is a mountain not a lake.

Le Reve - The dream

I love France and I dream of having a cottage with beautiful gardens. This painting came to me in a dream. It was all painted from memory. I did not use any photo references. 

48"x48" Acrylic on canvas


Blue bird vase

I love painting on glass. It is functional and creates an illusion of depth and transparency.  


Periodically I like to paint small canvases because I normally paint on a larger scale. These 4"x4" canvases are just a little inspiration of my love of painting the natural world and it's creatures that live among us. 

Blue - main photo.jpg
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